"For Marie, Meaningful Medicine is when the practitioner has the intention of leaving a true and lasting impact on the lives of their patients."

Dr Marie Paek

Beautiful beaches and a warm close knit community attracted Marie to the Illawarra having recently moved from Sydney with her family much to the delight friends who had been beckoning them for years.

Marie was attracted to Village Practice and its philosophy of “Meaningful Medicine”. For Marie, Meaningful Medicine refers to the practice of medicine where the practitioner has the intention of leaving a true and lasting impact on the lives of their patients. It means having the drive to uncover the roots of illness and through knowledge and empowerment giving patients a sense of agency to achieve their health goals. She also recognises that people are not merely a collection of independent organs but one integrated and complex system.

Marie is a specialist GP practicing integrative / functional medicine. Extensive studies with the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) equips her with a wide range of skills to address complex and chronic health issues.  Her natural curiosity and love of humanity prompted her to formally train as a Psychotherapist in addition to her prior studies in Sociology, Philosophy and her Medical Degree from UNSW.

Marie is able to tap into all the tools of healing—drawing from Western, Eastern, preventative and integrative medical practices—to help her patients heal. By pulling from all of these approaches and by paying special attention to diet, exercise, nutrition, supplementation and the workings of the mind, she does not just give patients a short term fix, she aims to give them the tools to create sustainable wellness and vitality.

Maries areas of special interest include:

Digestive Health

·       IBS
·       SIBO
·       GORD/reflux
·       Food intolerances
·       Dysbiosis
·       Microbiome restoration
·       Infections- bacterial, fungi and parasites

Endocrine Health

·       HPA axis dysfunction (previously known as adrenal fatigue)
·       Thyroid dysfunction including Autoimmune Hashimotos
·       Osteoporosis
·       Insulin resistance/Diabetes

Women’s Health

·       PMS/PMDD
·       PCOS
·       Menstrual disorders
·       Endometriosis and other Estrogen dominant conditions
·       Peri- and post- menopause
·       Pre conception and pregnancy support

General Health and Function

·       Recurrent infections/lowered immunity
·       Stress related burnout
·       Chronic fatigue/post viral syndrome

Available: Mon, Thurs

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