Integrative/Functional Medicine

Integrative/Functional medicine is an approach that takes into account your nutrition, your environment, your lifestyle and social interconnectedness, as well as other (w)holistic elements, to treat and prevent complex health problems.

Being healthy is not just about being presently free from illness, disease or injury – it’s about having a lifestyle that keeps you healthy and prevents future health problems.

Our GPs use strategies to tailor a practical, manageable program that fits in with your health needs and lifestyle. Rather than treating the symptoms of your health problems when they occur, we aim to empower you with the practical tools you need to stay healthy in the first place.

Ask us about the ways that a consultation in preventative medicine can help keep you healthy; and if you do fall sick, we’re here to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Important information for integrative appointments

For new patients:

The initial consultation with Dr Paek is 60mins at $395.

Please bring any previous medical records/ specialists’ correspondence, reports of your scans, blood and other test results and a list of past and current medications and natural remedies.

Booking is available online or through reception

Initial consults are booked for 1 hour.
Standard follow up can be 30mins, 45mins or 1 hour and this will be indicated by Dr Paek after your consultation.
A 45mins or 1 hour appointment might be preferable when you have not seen Dr Paek for 6-12 months or when you are returning for several new test results or travel a significant distance.

If closer to your follow up appointment new additional concerns have come up, please phone reception. You may wish to extend the duration of your existing 30 mins booking (time permitting) or to schedule a separate consultation on a different day so that all of your concerns can be given the best attention they deserve.

The Medicare rebate for your first visit is an Item 44 ($110.50)

The Medicare rebate for a follow up appointment is often an Item 36 ($75.05) and sometimes an Item 23 ($38.75) depending on the content of your visit and time.

There are other, more helpful Medicare rebates for a GP Mental Health Plan (allowing you to see a registered psychologist for psychotherapeutic support for anxiety or depression) and for a GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangement (providing you with 5 visits with an allied health practitioner, such as a physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, osteopath, chiropractor, occupational therapist, podiatrist, speech pathologist or psychologist per calendar year (January – December of each year) for some chronic health conditions of more than 6 months duration.

Follow-up Consultation
Fee Medicare item
number and rebate
15mins $100 Item 23 (38.75)
30mins $200 Item 36 ($75.05)
45mins $300 Item 36 ($75.05)
60 mins $395 Item 36 ($75.05)
or Item 44 ($110.50)
Psychotherapy $295 1 Hour Item 36 ($75.05)

*Please note increase in fees effective from 1st of February 2021*

Standard blood tests such as full blood count, kidney and liver function, thyroid screen, sugar, cholesterol are bulk billed under Medicare.

Functional pathology testing is usually not rebated by Medicare. Dr Paek will advise you on relevant functional tests (e.g. gut microbiome, urine or saliva hormone testing & organic acids) but ultimately this is your choice as these tests are privately billed.

Treatment protocols: Dr Paek will sometimes create protocols for the patient. This incurs an extra private fee (the cost being dependent on the time spent to create a plan outside of the consultation time).

Consultations in person are usually preferable. Existing patients of Dr Paek can book telephone consultations if they live interstate or overseas. The fee is time based like a consultation in person, but these types of consults do not qualify for a Medicare rebate.

Renewals of a script and any letters/correspondence outside of a consultation will attract a fee of $30. It is preferable for scripts to be written during your consult.

Reprinting of lost scripts, referrals and pathology request forms. A minimum fee of $30 will be incurred for the reprinting of scripts, referrals and pathology forms as Dr Paek has to spend time opening files to locate paperwork, generating new forms and having them emailed or posted. Please take care of the documents given to you during your consultation.

The cancellation policy requires a minimum of 48 business hours’ notice (Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm). We have patients who are waiting for an appointment on our cancellation list that would be happy to fill your appointment. Unless of course there was an unforeseen emergency, the cancellation fee is the cost of your booked appointment time (i.e. $200 for 30 mins and $395 for 60 mins visit). We are sending you SMS reminders a week ahead of your appointment to give you sufficient time to change your booking should you need to.

Cancellation list: if you are unable to book your preferred time reception will place you on Dr Paek’s cancellation list. As reception only gets to this list when things are quiet, please call in yourself to check for available times in the week you want your appointment.

For medical emergencies go to the Emergency Department of your nearest hospital.

If you have any further questions regarding your consultation with Dr Paek please do not hesitate to contact reception (02) 4258 4242