Other Services

Mirena Insertion

Mirena intrauterine (IUD) devices are an effective long-term contraception option for many women. The Mirena IUD is inserted into the uterus by a healthcare professional – the process takes only a few minutes and can be conducted during a routine visit to your medical practice. Talk to Dr Zeenath Hassim about whether a Mirena IUD is the right contraceptive device for you.

Holistic Nutrition

Our GP Paul specialises in nutritional medicine, and fellow GPs Mark and Zeenath are currently studying Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. All three offer holistic diet advice that takes into account your diet, lifestyle, work and exercise routines to offer detailed guidance on how you can make simple changes to your diet for wide-reaching positive effects on your overall physical and mental health.

Iron Infusion

Iron is a vital element for healthy blood reproduction, brain and muscle function, and the circulation of oxygen. If your body is not getting enough iron because of diet or another factor, it can cause iron deficiency and a host of related health problems. In some circumstances, if the deficiency is severe, it can be improved quickly and easily with an IV infusion of iron. Arrange a consultation with Dr Mark Melek to assess the situation and discuss your options.