We have the good fortune of welcoming Mark Baxter to the village team. Mark has been practicing as a psychologist for 15 years and loves what he does.  By listening attentively he seeks to understand you. He will appeal to your wisest parts in order to help you find a way through your difficulties or support you along  the journey towards acceptance or letting go.  Seeing people transform and find freedom is very rewarding.  One of his guiding mottos is “you’re a person to be met, not a problem to be solved”.

Mark engages people in counselling with a collaborative, accepting, compassionate and non-judging spirit.  This is combined with his training in cognitive, behavioural, acceptance and mindfulness based strategies; specifically, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Cognitive & Behavioural Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.  He specialises in teaching mindfulness skills to help people overcome suffering, improve relationships and be less reactive in times of stress. Adding these specific psychological and behavioural skills to the values, strengths and resources that you already have will help you find a healthy, workable path forward. He also uses an evidence-based Feedback Informed Treatment approach that allows you to monitor and track your progress as you go, and to adjust the counselling sessions so they meet your needs.

Good mental health is not just about improving psychological wellbeing.  Exercise, diet, sleep, relationships, growth, belonging, habits, environment and sense of meaning all play an important part too.  Mark’s counselling approach takes your whole life into consideration to help you recover and reconnect.

 Many people seek psychological counselling because they are facing a mental health problem or personal crisis, a difficult transition, a loss, the breakdown of a relationship; or because they feel stuck or need help with a specific difficulty.  Sometimes people are looking to break out of unhelpful patterns of behaviour that are holding them back.  Or, they just want to find the freedom and space to get more out of life.

Seeing a psychologist is an effective way to help you through struggle and transition – to clarify your values and to build on your strengths and resources.  Counselling can help you work through and overcome areas in your life where you feel a lack of growth, fulfilment, energy, enthusiasm, contentment or appreciation.

If it’s a mental health problem you are experiencing, We offer evidence-based psychology that can help you with depression, anxiety, stress, grief, loss, post-traumatic stress, trauma recovery, psychosis, disability, adjustment, relationships, addictions, pain and illness.

You don’t need to be struggling with your mental health to get benefit from seeing a psychologist.  It is also helpful for people wanting to make positive changes in their life – to gain clarity, motivation and energy to assist with things like exercise, nutrition, big life decisions, relationships, work changes or changing habits.

We are excited to have Mark join the growing village team.  He is open for appointment bookings and referrals now if you’d like to call or email.

Mark Baxter (PSY0001370927)

Mark Baxter
Psychologist & Practice Leader
The Psychology Spot

0431 017 520