The Space Between Therapy Services


Hi, we’re Bec and Carlie, owners of The Space Between;

both social workers with over 10 years experience supporting people through times of vulnerability and growth. We are passionate about fostering genuine relationships through warmth, compassion and the odd bad joke.

 At The Space Between, we’re offering couples counselling, individual counselling and parenting support.

We created The Space Between to help make life and the relationships that go with it a little bit easier. To support you to experience a deeper understanding of yourself and to help you get to a place of genuine well being and contentment.

Therapeutic modalities grounded in attachment, neuroscience, empathy and compassionate communication provide us with effective and proven tools for strengthening relationships.

Our approach is to personalise these tools to your relationship, with yourself, your partner or your child, with the hope of growing more meaningful connections to help navigate all life brings your way.


A compassionate, therapeutic space for people who want to nurture their relationships & be kind to themselves