Aged Care

Village Practice GP Zeenath focuses on aged care health, offering specialist care for the needs of older people and their families and carers.

Our aged care services help older people stay as independent and active as possible. From ongoing support for existing health problems to practical, functional advice on diet and exercise, our focus for aged care is to help people live their best lives at any age.

Village Practice is also a community hub, where you can meet up to socialise, and to take part in low-impact social activities (like walking groups, swimming groups or Tai Chi) that are designed for the exercise needs of older people.

Visit our News page (link) for up to date announcements about Village Practice’s social and exercise activities for all ages.

Dr Mark Melek

Dr Zeenath Hassim

Dr Paul Hoskins



Consultation Type Length (min) Practice Fee* Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket Cost*
Level A 00 - 05 41 16.95 24.05
Level B 05 - 15 79 37.60 41.40
Level C 20 - 29 122 72.80 49.20
Level D 40 - 49 156 107.15 48.85
DISCOUNTED Level B 05 - 15 58 37.60 20.40
DISCOUNTED Level C 20 - 29 96 72.80 23.20
Iron Infusion 30 142 72.80 69.20

*Discounted fees are applied to ALL pension card holders over 65, and follow up appointments of children will be bulk billed.