Pregnancy & Family Planning

Come and see our experienced family planning and pregnancy doctor’s to talk about the full range of contraception available today.

Our Doctors offer unbiased advise on which contraception method is best suited to your lifestyle, life stage and family planning needs.

If you are planning to fall pregnant this might be a good time to carry out screening tests, check your nutritional status and get a check up. Good health is vital for all genders when it comes to fertility and successful conception.

If you think that you may be pregnant, come and see one of our pregnancy doctors for a definitive test.

Our team can talk you through your options with a positive pregnancy test, including medical and nutritional support for the pregnancy process (including referral to an obstetric specialist at Wollongong Hospital as part of our Antenatal Shared Care program).

Village Practice is also a community hub, where you can meet other new parents experiencing the same challenges, and reap the benefits of being nourished by a supportive community. Look out for guest speakers, articles and community activities on our news and events page.