Cryotherapy is a simple and safe treatment for removal of some skin cancers and lesions.

Cryotherapy treatment uses targeted exposure to low temperatures to quickly and painlessly destroy and remove abnormal or diseased skin tissue, from warts and skin tags through to some skin cancers.

A local anaesthetic can be used prior to treatment in order to numb and then freeze the lesion; the procedure can be conducted safely at our local practice, using state of the art applicators. In most instances you’ll be in and out quickly

If you’ve been ignoring unsightly warts or skin tags for years, it’s time to finally deal with them. A simple swipe or spray of liquid nitrogen, administered by your experienced doctor, will solve the problem without pain or hassle.

Dr Mark Melek

Dr Zeenath Hassim

Dr Paul Hoskins



Consultation Type Length (min) Practice Fee* Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket Cost*
Level A 00 - 05 41 16.95 24.05
Level B 05 - 15 79 37.60 41.40
Level C 20 - 29 122 72.80 49.20
Level D 40 - 49 156 107.15 48.85
DISCOUNTED Level B 05 - 15 58 37.60 20.40
DISCOUNTED Level C 20 - 29 96 72.80 23.20
Iron Infusion 30 142 72.80 69.20

*Discounted fees are applied to ALL pension card holders over 65, and follow up appointments of children will be bulk billed.