Complex Illness

If you suffer from ongoing chronic health problems, our team offers tailored treatment options and support for your complex illness, as well as (w)holistic, preventative solutions that work for your lifestyle and help you to live at your healthiest.

A chronic health issue is a condition that may last for a year or longer and which has a significant impact upon your standard of life, such as diabetes, respiratory problems, cancer or neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.

Our goal is to provide you with the long-term support that you need to manage and treat your chronic health problems. Our team has expertise in specialised areas including aged care, complex disease, musculoskeletal medicine and preventative medicine, offering a rounded skill set to address chronic health problems.

We go beyond quick-fix medicine to look at the ways in which your lifestyle, social life, nutrition and physical activities all contribute to your overall wellness, in combination with best-practice medical treatment.

Dr Mark Melek

Dr Zeenath Hassim

Dr Paul Hoskins



Consultation Type Length (min) Practice Fee* Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket Cost*
Level A 00 - 05 41 16.95 24.05
Level B 05 - 15 79 37.60 41.40
Level C 20 - 29 122 72.80 49.20
Level D 40 - 49 156 107.15 48.85
DISCOUNTED Level B 05 - 15 58 37.60 20.40
DISCOUNTED Level C 20 - 29 96 72.80 23.20
Iron Infusion 30 142 72.80 69.20

*Discounted fees are applied to ALL pension card holders over 65, and follow up appointments of children will be bulk billed.