Antenatal Shared Care

Antenatal Shared Care is a program that shares the care for pregnant people between their GP, midwife and a hospital obstetrics expert, allowing each professional to contribute their skills collaboratively and co-operatively, with the convenience and comfort of a GP practice setting.

In a shared antenatal care program, your GP stays in regular communication with specialist obstetricians and midwives at Wollongong Hospital, providing greater choice and flexibility as well as the assurance of continuity of care between your GP’s office and the hospital.

You get both your GP’s personal knowledge of your medical history and needs, and the specialist experience of Wollongong Hospital’s obstetrics unit, ensuring the best possible advice and care throughout your pregnancy journey, and after you give birth.

Village Practice has been designed to create an environment that is comfortable, relaxed and inviting. When you are carrying your growing baby, we want to make your visits as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

We are also happy to refer preganant people to private obstetricians and to the Midwives Clinic at Wollongong Hospital.