What We Do

Our drive is to practice ‘meaningful medicine’ – creating health and wellness solutions that are tailored to your needs. We’re also here to offer ongoing support so you can achieve your long-term health objectives.

Our goal is to offer you (w)holistic medical advice and support, from diet and exercise through to social engagement and practical support in challenging times. By working with you to find preventative health solutions that work with your lifestyle, we want to help you live your best life.

We’re here on short notice for all your general medical needs, whether it’s a health check, a flu shot, a medical certificate for work or a regular check-up.

But we’re also committed to fostering long-term doctor-patient relationships that offer practical preventative health advice, regular health checks to monitor progress, opportunities to connect socially, and specialised care, tailored to the needs of all members of your family. Follow the links below to some of our areas of focus.



Consultation Type Length (min) Practice Fee* Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket Cost*
Level A 00 - 05 50 18.95 36.05
Level B 05 - 15 91 41.40 49.60
Level C 20 - 29 149 80.10 68.90
Level D 40 - 49 189 118 71
DISCOUNTED Level B 05 - 15 68 41.40 26.60
DISCOUNTED Level C 20 - 29 110 80.10 29.90
Iron Infusion 30 - 60 199 80.10 118.90

The following appointments will be bulk billed:

Chronic disease care plans
Health assessments

Discounted fees are applied to ALL pension card holders over 65

All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients who are registered for CTG program will be Bulk Billed

(No out of pocket fee for the patient)

All DVA gold card or DVA white card (eligible conditions) holders will be Bulk Billed

(No out of pocket fee for the patient)

You can request a repeat script or referral without having an appointment using HotDoc

To request a repeat script click HERE

To request a repeat referral click HERE

Repeat Script or Referral without consultation (up to 3 business days) $15
Urgent Repeat Script or Referral without consultation (up to 1 business day) $25


Cancellation Policy

We value all patients and endeavour to get you into your GP when you need,

but to do this we need your help! We ask that if you cannot make your scheduled appointment,

you contact us as early as possible, to allow other patients in need the opportunity to have your appointment time.

Failure to give at least 2 hours’ notice will incur a cancellation fee.

If you are booked in for a longer appt and are unable to attend, please provide at least 24hours notice.

Both staff and patients thank you for your consideration.


Please call reception on 02 4258 4242 for more information


Please be aware that there are potential out- of -pocket costs for referred services